The Future of Work… Revisited: What did we learn?

Thanks again to everyone who attended our “Future of work…revisited” event on 4th March. We had a full-house for our first virtual event and the feedback has been fantastic.Our panellists gave us some excellent food for thought on how businesses need to consider their return to work and what this will mean for our workforce. Here are some of the main snippets:

  • The majority of us are desperate to return to work. That’s right, despite the obvious benefits for many of us of being able to work from home, we are now craving the interaction of an office environment.
  • The mental health element of the workforce has finally taken centre stage. The benefit to people’s mental health is clear and businesses need to make a conscious effort to address this on an individual basis.
  • Zoom fatigue is a thing, and whilst it was great to start with, people are keen to balance onscreen interaction with in-person interaction.
  • We’ve moved forward light years in the last year. Whilst it’s been tough, business leaders have been forced to adopt new practices which will benefit people in the long run. Those who previously didn’t trust the “working from home” culture have had to embrace it, and in most cases can see the benefits. Those that don’t move with the times now will be left behind in the employment market.

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James Roach

Managing Director

James Roach