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The term “senior” can mean a lot of things, but in our world of finance this is someone qualified and above, usually with management responsibility. To a large extent, these professionals have proven their technical ability, and the focus leans more towards softer skills and sector-specific experience that can help a business to transform their Management Information and decision-making capability.

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Senior Finance Recruitment Services

Headstar’s services in this area are well-renowned and if you’re unclear as to exactly what’s needed within your finance team, then we can provide support in helping to shape the role and person profile. Our full list of services can be seen here and you can make contact with one of our consultants here.

How Our Process Works

Although the accountancy qualification proves that someone can pass examinations, it doesn’t give an accurate picture of someone’s capability on the job. At Headstar, we have the ability to “stress-test” people’s claims as our inhouse Finance Directors can experientially challenge and assess capability. 

Our recruitment consultants partner with them in reviewing cultural fit and character traits, giving a fuller picture of the person. For our clients, this means they can take comfort in receiving candidate shortlists that match the brief.

For our clients, this means they can take comfort in receiving candidate shortlists that match the brief. We take pride in our “less is more” approach and actively target and monitor our consultants’ CV submissions to ensure that clients are seeing quality not quantity. It’s this approach that means businesses return to us for all of the senior finance hires.

For all CV submissions, we don’t just rely on our ability to assess someone’s claims. We also ask people for at least 2 references of people they have worked with. We’ll have an informal, “off-the-record” discussion with these referees and share the feedback candidly with our clients.

Our Senior Finance Recruitment Network 

Having operated within the senior finance market since our inception in 1986, we are fortunate to have built an extensive network predominantly across the North of England. Candidates are often referred to us via our referrer network, which includes leading accountancy, legal and other professional services firms.

We have also placed people into businesses over decades, meaning that we can have informed discussions on people’s progression and careers to date, having had live feedback from other clients.

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Industries We Work In

Senior finance professionals have skills that are often transferable across multiple sectors. However, we are clear that the accounting techniques can often differ greatly and so it’s unlikely that a person with only financial services experience is going to be able to transition quickly to a manufacturing business. We don’t limit our search activity to specific sectors but look for complementary sectors, such as manufacturing and construction for example, in candidates’ experience, so that they may bring a fresh approach to a business but not lack the technical capability required.

From SaaS to engineering, retail to mining, technology to property, it’s unlikely there’s an industry where we haven’t operated and successfully placed high-performing finance people.

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Managing Director
Executive Search

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Associate Director
Executive Search & Senior Finance

David Clark

Interim & Transformation

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Executive Search & Senior Finance

Nichola Davies

Qualified & Senior Finance

Alex Law

Senior Consultant
Qualified & Senior Finance

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Senior Consultant
Senior Finance

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