Finance Team Recruitment

We can help you recruit at all levels of your finance team

Finance Team Recruitment

We can help you recruit at all levels of your finance team


What does this mean for you?

If you’re a lonely MD looking for support in running your business, then we can advise you on building a finance team from the top down.

If you’re a senior finance professional, we can support you in talent management across your team.

If you work in finance, we can advise you along your career path and help you find the right role.


With a number of Finance Directors in our business offering an advisory service, we can help you scope your requirements more closely to provide candidates that are more relevant to the role and your business.

Experienced Finance Directors are ideally placed to understand your needs in looking for finance professionals. Helping you clarify the real requirements of a role, understanding the cultural fit and advising on the correct selection criteria are second nature to us – full time, part time, permanent or temporary.

Supported by our FDs, who have run finance teams in the SME, Corporate and Charity sectors, our Consultants focus on specific areas of the finance function and between them they can recruit for every role in your team. Whether you want a Finance Director or Financial Controller, a Finance Business Partner or a Business Analyst, a Management Accountant or a Finance Manager, a Credit Control Manager or a Payroll Assistant, one of our Consultants will find you the right candidate

And not just permanent staff.  If you need a finance professional, senior or entry-level, for maternity cover, project analysis and delivery, acquisition, integration or cashflow management, we can help there too.



You may not have been in this situation before. There has obviously been a lot of turmoil in recent times and many businesses have suffered...

Part-time FDs

At what point do I need a Finance Director? What’s the tipping point of turnover when I need someone a bit more senior in finance?

Transactional Finance

The heartbeat of the finance function. Without good data entry with solid process and control, the numbers coming out are meaningless.

Finance Management

Turning the numbers into something meaningful. This is the key step in turning data into information, and building up support for decision-making.

Finance Leadership

Finance Directors, CFOs, call them what you will. These are the people that lead. They challenge the MD in private and support them in public.

Accountancy Practice

Supporting businesses across the UK, the right appointment for your accountancy practice is critical to its success...


There can be a variety of challenges in a business that fall outside of the scope of the day-to-day.