For Directors & business owners:

You may not have been in this situation before. There has obviously been a lot of turmoil in recent times and many businesses have suffered. We’ve specialised in turnaround situations for a number of years and indeed many of our Directors have been Finance Directors in both large and small turnaround businesses.

With this proven track record, we’ve seen many of the issues you’re facing before. We can help advise you on the options available and put together a plan. There are a series of actions that need putting in place first, to protect your employees, your customers and suppliers, your funders, and you the Directors. It can be a daunting prospect but we can draw on our experience to help you manage through it.

It’s best to have an initial conversation with one of our Directors to see what position you’re in. This is strictly private and confidential and there’s no obligation. We can then advise you on whether you need our support or whether someone else is best placed from our network. We have built up this network of trusted restructuring professionals across the UK over many years, and so we’ll ensure that the introduction is best suited to your situation.

If we think we can help, we’ll outline an engagement plan & timeline with you. We’ll engage one of our trusted turnaround specialists to meet with you. These are interim Financial Controllers and Directors who have done this before. They’re not here to justify their existence, they’re here to help you through this period. They’ve worked in businesses for all of their careers so they understand the dynamics & complexities behind teams, and the delicate nature of someone new coming in.

For funders:

You may have a business that is concerning you. The reporting isn’t quite where you need it to be, or there’s been a noticeable shift downwards in performance. You’ve got a good idea of what needs to happen but are not confident that the business has the resource to execute this at the moment.

We’ve worked with debt and equity providers in a variety of sectors to help them turn these businesses around and get trading back on an even keel. Our appointment is usually with the business directly, as we think it’s vitally important to have their buy-in rather than being “the bank’s guy”. This approach has worked well so we encourage funders to introduce us to the people in charge of the business and let us build a relationship from there. We leave the egos at the door and focus on the things that need to happen.