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Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) play a vital “number 2” role in a business, helping to drive profitability, cash generation and value. Not only that though, their role within a business has become a critical one of leadership, implementing culture and leading by example.

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CFO Search

Headstar have an in-depth understanding of the role and importance of a CFO, as many of the team have successfully acted as a Finance Director themselves. They know that the role encompasses so much more than just risk management and compliance. We believe a good CFO is effectively a translator and an artist, able to build trust with non-financial managers while turning numbers into pictures and words, making the complex simple. In the ever-changing business climate, the softer skills of a CFO are more important than ever and our search process helps businesses to choose the right person for the role.

How Our Process Works

The importance of this role means that you’ll need more than just a single pair of eyes on it. At Headstar, we combine our experience of the CFO role with our attention to detail in cultural fit and management of a recruitment process. What does this mean? You’ll work with a highly experienced Recruitment Consultant as your main point of contact and they will be supported by one of our Consultant Finance Directors throughout the process, ensuring that not only will shortlisted candidates have been thoroughly tested on cultural alignment, but also on the technical aspects of the role, giving you greater confidence in the ability of the candidate to thrive in the role on all aspects. 

Not only that, our dedicated research team work behind the scenes to ensure no stone is left unturned during the search. We share these findings with you throughout the assignment, giving you insights on the market, your employer brand and the feedback we’re garnering from candidates.

CFO Search is not a dark art. It is a rigorous process of identifying candidates and then testing them for the characteristics most important to you. We’ll help identify these characteristics with you at the initial briefing stage and then feed back against those throughout the process, helping you to make the right judgement on each candidate.

Our CFO Recruitment Network 

It’s no understatement to say that CFOs prefer speaking to other CFOs and FDs rather than Recruiters! In this regard, Headstar have successfully built a network of excellent CFOs across the country. We regularly arrange events and forums to provide our CFO network with up-to-date technical advice, but also help and support in their networking efforts and access to other professional advisors. As a result, Headstar consultants have become trusted advisors to the CFO network and are able to speak confidentially and credibly to a broad cross-section of candidates.  

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Industries We Work In

The skills and abilities of CFOs are often transferable to a variety of sectors. There are, however, often great lessons to be learned from the work of complementary businesses. Many of our CFO network have specialised in a particular industry, while others have spread their skills over multiple sectors. Whether your search requires a particular skillset or you’re open to a breadth of skills, we can advise on the right type of individual and draw up shortlists to suit. From manufacturing to marketing, engineering to entertainment, property to pharmaceuticals, construction to computing and almost every industry in between, Headstar have successfully placed CFOs in a multitude of industries.

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Managing Director
Executive Search

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Advisory & Portfolio

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Associate Director
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Interim & Transformation

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Executive Search & Senior Finance

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Senior Consultant
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