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In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of top-tier finance leaders cannot be overstated. Their vision, experience, and leadership can make the difference between a business merely surviving and truly thriving. At Headstar, we understand the value of finance executives and have made it our mission to ensure that businesses are paired with the people they need to move them forward.

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Finance executive search

Our Finance Executive Search consultancy is aimed at filling the most senior positions in your finance department with qualified and experienced leaders. Likely to be Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director or Head of Finance, we leverage our extensive network to carefully identify, attract, and secure top-tier finance talent who can drive business success. Our search isn’t limited to a candidate’s technical skills. We are equally focused on identifying individuals with the strategic vision, leadership qualities, and interpersonal skills needed to excel. In our experience, these skills can be the catalyst for driving transformative change in a company’s finance function.

How our process works

Our executive search process starts with understanding your business. We want to know about your culture, goals, and key players. By doing so, we can identify the kind of executive that will best align with your organisation. Given our in-depth knowledge of the finance market, we can provide you with insights on the likely experience, credentials, and background you can expect from the candidate shortlist. 

These insights come from people who have been, and continue to be, finance leaders within business, working alongside experienced recruitment search consultants. You can therefore be confident that you’re not receiving a sales-pitch, or thoughts based on no evidence.

We will keep you updated throughout the search process, and fine-tune the search according to your feedback. You can be assured that our final shortlist will consist only of those candidates that fit the brief.

Our finance executive search recruitment network

At Headstar, we’ve built an impressive network of finance executives since our inception in 1986. Many of our candidates come to us referred by finance professionals we have worked with previously. Our network extends to people who have been associated with us from the early stages of their career. This provides us with the unique advantage of understanding their capabilities and progression over a long period of time, ensuring that you only interact with the very best.

Industries we work in

We have experience recruiting finance executives across an array of industries. While certain businesses prefer candidates with specific industry knowledge, the executive-level skills we recruit for are often transferable. Therefore, regardless of your industry, we’re confident we can help. Our goal is to apply our rigorous search process across sectors, ensuring you receive candidates that fit your needs. From tech start-ups to multinational corporations, Headstar has a proven track record of placing high-quality finance executives in a diverse range of businesses.

Meet our executive search recruitment consultants

James Roach

Managing Director
Executive Search

Simon Webster

Advisory & Portfolio

Jenny Martin

Associate Director
Executive Search & Senior Finance

Jade Goodman

Senior Consultant
Executive Search

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