Finance Recruitment Harrogate

At Headstar, we provide finance recruitment services in Harrogate, specialising in finding the very best talent for each finance position, focusing on team dynamics and cultural fit as well as ability and experience. We achieve this with our in-house team of Finance Directors (FD) and experienced recruiters, who take the time to understand your business needs and work to find the best-fitting candidate for the role. 

Who Do We Work With? 

We work across all industries and sectors in Harrogate and provide high-quality finance recruitment for all types of businesses, big and small. We work closely with Managing Directors (MDs) and senior finance professionals, helping them build strong and successful finance teams. We also support candidates with their career path, matching them with the best finance roles in Harrogate.

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The Harrogate Economy

Harrogate’s economy is diverse with a strong entrepreneurial culture and has become a mecca for financial and professional services, manufacturing and life sciences. With great connections to nearby cities, Harrogate has welcomed vast investment and new and innovative businesses over the years. Many corporations such as Harrogate Spring Water, Taylors of Harrogate and VP PLC call Harrogate home and continue to invest in the area.

Harrogate Borough Council has implemented an Economic Growth Strategy which included increased investment in and development of the area in the coming years, leading to increased business and job opportunities. Harrogate is therefore set to offer vast finance recruitment opportunities for both business and candidates.

Our Services

We provide a range of finance recruitment services for our clients. We can recruit for all levels of a finance team, from entry-level to senior and director positions. We also offer a full consultancy service and can advise team on the right roles they needs to recruit for, as well as providing support during challenging times. Our full range of Harrogate services include:


We specialise in turnaround periods and supporting businesses during difficult times and transitions. We’ll implement one of our experienced in-house Finance Directors (FDs) who will guide you through a full engagement plan and timeline. 

Part-time FDs

We’ll recruit the very best Part-Time FD in Harrogate for your business and make sure that the position is the right one to support your business plan. 

Transactional Finance

Transactional finance roles are the beating heart of a finance team. Finding talented and stellar individuals is therefore vital for the success of the overall business. We’ll find the very best candidates in Harrogate for the position.

Part and Qualified Finance

Hand over the recruitment of finance management roles to us, roles that are often difficult to fill. Taking into account the current team culture and the experience needed, we’ll find your ideal candidate.

Interim Finance

We understand the stress involved with hiring for interim roles. Whether it’s maternity cover or for a new process implementation, we’ll work closely with you to find a capable candidate that fits the business culture. 

Senior Finance

At Headstar, we specialise in recruiting for finance leadership roles across Harrogate. Whether it’s an FD or CFO, we’ll find the right professional to suit the business and the current team dynamic.

Accountancy Practice

Many accountants often want more than a competitive salary, and due to being in high demand, can be hard to hire. We have a portfolio of credible accountants in Harrogate, with which we’ve built long-term relationships. We are therefore able to match your business with the best accountant for the job.

Roles We Recruit For in Harrogate

Our finance team recruitment services for Harrogate cover all roles, from entry-level to directors. 

E.g. Bookkeeper, Administrator, Accounts Assistant, Credit Controller, Accounts Manager, Finance Manager, Payroll Manager, Sales Ledger Manager, Financial Controller (FC), Finance Analyst, Financial Accountant, Finance Director (FD), Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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We’ll help you find the best solution for your business with the help of our experienced recruiters and qualified Finance Directors.