Financial Controller Recruitment

Often the driver of the finance team, a good Financial Controller can make the difference in raising the profile of a finance department to so much more than just “back office”. In the ongoing pursuit of perfect information, they can provide analysis and insights to transform a business’ ability to make good decisions.

Like a ‘Robin’ to the ‘Batman’ Finance Director, we’re often tasked with finding that exceptional no. 2.

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Financial Controller Recruitment

When helping businesses to shape their finance department, we often refer to our Finance Team Pyramid – original thinking by our team to effectively build the team from top-down. Arguably the most crucial and impactful role within this format is that of the Financial Controller. The go-between from the FD to the team, often with a role of deputy and access to the board, the FC has to have the soft skills to manage multiple stakeholders, and the gravitas to manage a team effectively. The “wisdom” required to become CFO won’t yet be there, but will often be under development under the ultimate leaders tutelage.

How Our Process Works

As with all of our assignments, it’s important that we first and foremost understand your business, its drivers, ambitions and people. How the right Financial Controller then fits into this organisation becomes clear, which allows us to scour the market for those individuals with the right credentials. Given our in-house experience of the FC role, we can advise on the likely salary, experience and background you can expect from a candidate shortlist. We’ll share progress on our search throughout the process, and steer this search accordingly, ensuring that the final shortlist only includes those candidates that match the brief.

You may just have an interim need for a good Financial Controller, in which case head over to our interim management page to find out more or get in touch and we’ll gladly explain more. We track the interim market on a daily basis, and have interim FCs in a variety of businesses at any one time.

Our Finance Recruitment Network 

Having built our reputation in the finance market since 1986, it’s fair to say we’ve built up a network of trusted people to draw on. Many of our candidates are referred to us by finance professionals who we have worked with previously. Something we encourage in the belief that “good people recommend good people”.

Many of the financial controllers we’re placing into businesses have worked with us since much earlier in their career, so we’re able to rely on references from trusted clients, as well as personal experience of seeing these people develop over a number of years.

Industries We Work In

It would be challenging to find an industry where we haven’t placed a financial controller but we’re willing to be tested on this, so try us!

Many of the skills that a good Financial Controller brings can be applied across multiple industries, but we understand how certain businesses prefer those with some experience of their sector. We don’t specialise in particular sectors, preferring to focus on finance roles, so can apply our search process principles into sectors confident that we will have operated there at some point.

Case Studies

Meet Our Financial Controller Recruitment Consultants

Jenny Martin

Associate Director
Executive Search & Senior Finance

Nichola Davies

Qualified & Senior Finance

Olivia Egan

Senior Consultant
Senior Finance

Alex Law

Senior Consultant
Qualified & Senior Finance

Jade Goodman

Senior Consultant
Executive Search

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