Part-time FDs & CFOs

Growing businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of a part-time FD in helping them shape the right financial model and improve their decision-making. Rewind to 1986 and Headstar were one of the first companies to offer this service to SMEs. Our in-house FDs can quickly assess your requirement and advise on the right solution for building out your finance team, with a part-time FD often installed on a flexible basis to partner with the board.

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Part-time FD & CFO recruitment

The name may have changed (we call it portfolio but “fractional” appears to now be de rigeur!) but what remains the same is the fact that a part-time FD can transform the running of an SME. From turning things around via a refinance to recruiting the first finance person into the business, a part-time CFO has the ability to understand how a business makes its money and then quickly install the right processes to protect cash and build shareholder value.

How our process works

With Headstar, you’re not getting the hard-sell. 

One of our in-house Consultant FDs will happily come out to see you and discuss the business over a good old-fashioned cup of tea. They’ll ask you questions about the history of the business, the ambition and the people before they even mention “the numbers”. 

We’ll happily dispense advice on what we think is the right way forward. If it results in an engagement with us then great. If not, that’s also fine – as long as we’ve left you with a clearer picture on what you actually need to help you realise your company’s goals.

The way forward might be to recruit a more permanent solution, in which case our FD will partner with one of our recruitment consultants to bring you the right solution. If they feel a part-time FD can help, then they will either offer their own time if they have capacity, or they will suggest one of our associate FDs. These are tried and tested FDs that we’ve worked with, referenced and vetted deeply over a prolonged period of time. Some of these relationships even date back to our inception in 1986! 

Working on a flexible basis, you’re not tied to things like notice periods. Our FDs can work with you from as little as 2 days/month. 

Our part-time FD/CFO recruitment network 

Developed over decades, our network of portfolio FDs and CFOs reaches far and wide. We’ve helped many FDs transition from the grind of the permanent position to the variety and challenge of a portfolio FD career. In many cases, we’ve worked with these people as clients and candidates in their permanent career, so have first-hand experience of working with them, as well as strong references from previous employers.

We’re often the first port of call for people exploring this career option so are lucky to have access to some of the brightest minds and industry specialisms that the portfolio FD world can offer.

Case Studies

From credit management to pricing strategy, read how Headstar’s portfolio FDs benefitted clients in a range of industries.

Meet our consultant FDs and CFOs

Man with short hair wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue jacket.

James Roach

Managing Director

Man with short dark hair wearing glasses and a dark blue jacket.

Simon Webster

Part Time Finance Director & Recruitment Lead

Woman with long dark hair wearing a patterned top.

Sue Moul

Part Time Finance Director

Paul Warren

Part Time Finance Director

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