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If you’re tired of the relentless sales culture in your business and feel like you could do more for your clients and candidates then this could be the home for you. We’re not precious as to whether you have a background in finance recruitment as we have an extensive training programme to bring you up to speed.

We practice what we preach in recruiting for ourselves though, and so you will go through an exhaustive character testing process. This gives you confidence that we’re right for you as much as the other way around. Our consultants have 4 key character traits:

1 – They’re resilient. Recruitment isn’t easy and you have to take a lot of knocks along the way.
2 – They use initiative. They think ahead and don’t wait for things to happen.
3 – They’re consultative. Our role is not one of an agent, moving CVs from one place to another. It’s that of a consultant; guiding, challenging and advising people along the way.
4 – They want to improve. They don’t sit around wondering what they should do next. They ask, they read up, they learn.
If you’re interested to know more please get in touch.