Introducing our new FD Interview Series: Insights from Finance Leaders

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Finance Director (FD) Interview Series. Partnering with RSM UK, a prominent tax and consulting adviser, Headstar has started this video initiative to delve deeper into the experiences and insights of seasoned finance professionals across the UK.

For over a year, Headstar has been working alongside RSM UK, organising and promoting a number of Industry Finance Connect interactive workshops and events. Now, we are excited to take this collaboration further with our new FD Interview Series, aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the finance landscape through candid conversations with industry experts.

Led by Alex Law, Senior Consultant at Headstar, and Daniel Cossins, Associate Director at RSM UK, these interviews promise to offer valuable insights into the journey, challenges, and successes of finance directors. Our first instalment features Andy Thomson, Finance Director at Interior Goods Direct Limited, in conversation with Alex Law.

This first interview is split into three parts, and in this part one video, Andy Thomson shares his thoughts on career progression, reflecting on key breakthroughs and pivotal moments that have shaped his journey.

Click on the link below to watch the video and stay tuned for parts two and three, focusing on looking ahead and personal development.

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James Roach

Managing Director

James Roach